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Andrew Watzenboeck

I am a hockey enthusiast born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario. Growing up I played minor and junior hockey that instilled a love of the game and I continue playing and coaching today many decades later. I am a proud father of 4 children, all active in sport and 3 of whom play competitive hockey in Minor and Junior Hockey ( KMHA ), HEO ( Myers AAA ) and CCHL (Rockland Nationals) associations. Over the past 15 years the sport of hockey has brought our family such positive, invaluable experiences and friendships. The cost of hockey, however, has continued to increase year over year and we have sadly witnessed families being priced out of the sport for their children. During the hockey season our own kids experience numerous broken hockey sticks and replacing them has proven to be a significant added cost of the sport. As hockey stick technology improves the cost also continues to increase to the point where paying $300 or more per stick is expected. After using Integral Hockey to repair two of my son’s broken sticks I was blown away with the result. It was a seamless experience and the stick functioned exactly as it had before it broke. Integral Hockey was a brand I knew I could fully get behind and am very excited to be offering the service for the Ottawa West hockey community. I look forward to providing an excellent service that helps to support families and individuals involved in this wonderful sport.

Integral Hockey Ottawa West offers a solution by helping players and parents save some of their hard-earned discretionary income by offering an alternative to replacing broken sticks through stick repair or purchase of refurbished sticks at a significantly lower price. Repairing or playing refurbished hockey sticks provides a green alternative by keeping broken sticks out of our trash bins and landfills.  In addition, Integral Hockey offers a lifetime warranty at the point of repair.  What do you have to lose?  Give us a call today, we’d love to help you out!

About Integral Hockey

We are very excited and proud to offer the most technologically advanced composite hockey stick repair on the market. After repairing and testing repair techniques and materials for several years, Randy Langille, founder of Integral Hockey, applied advanced laminating processes he learned from building aircraft components back in the early days of his manufacturing career.

The result is a repair process that adds only 10-26 grams of weight to the stick. The feedback has been extremely positive with respect to weight, flex, kick point, and balance. Hockey sticks repaired by Integral Hockey’s patented (US Patent No. 9,630,291) process and standards translate to minimal compromise on the integrity of stick components and function. Rest assured that Integral Hockey will continue to relentlessly pursue the best materials and processes to minimize the change in these critical stick features.

We believe that our commitment to this industry is something that any other company would have difficulty matching. We bring 27 years of high-tech composites to this business. With our carbon fiber/e-glass, vacuum-infused process, we achieve something that few can or will, namely, ultimate strength to weight ratios.

We have taken a genuine problem, solved it with the most high-tech solution on the market, and we’re delivering it at a price that will work for everyone. Something we are very proud of.

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